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TO ORDER CALL 905 849 9412   or  EMAIL


Will you be onsite the day of my wedding?
Yes our coordinators are always onsite for your event


How accurate are your staffing quotes?
Our guaranteed prices will never raise on you or will you have any surprises after your special day


Rentals – how many glasses are included on the quote?

We order accurately to what your event will need based on passed experience, however your rental fees will never go up after we submit your finalized price

Can I make changes to my order and guest count after signing the catering agreement?
We will accommodate any changes to the best of our abilities, your coordinator will work closely with you to ensure all dietary restrictions or specials needs


What is the appropriate number of serving staff for a plated service?
We staff 1 server to every 12-15 people based on the venue or property layout. This can change due to more complicated layouts and time restrictions

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