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Event Catering

  Local BBQ Catering

A corporate or social event does not have to be formal. In fact, sometimes in a relaxed and casual setting people have more fun and are able to let their guard down a bit. Especially with a corporate event, a causal vibe is usually able to get people to come together and enjoy the event more. Event catering can be a challenge finding the right food and menu to mesh well with the overall ambiance. For a casual event, it is best to select a buffet style setting. This gives people the opportunity to mingle together to create their own plate. They have the opportunity to pick and choose the food they like, and are not forced to sit and be served in a formal setting. Event catering doesn't have to be formal to be delicious. The team at Select Taste Corporate Catering has several casual event catering options that can help bring coworkers together and enjoy the day.


One option to keep an event casual is BBQ catering. This gives the feel of simply being at home in the backyard, enjoying a meal with friends and family. BBQ catering is perfect for your summer event. Not only does it taste good, but it is fun and casual for all attendees. At Select Taste Corporate Catering, we have several BBQ options. One of our expert planners on the team will be happy to sit down with you and discuss your tastes and budget. Then, we will put together the perfect BBQ menu, sure to please everyone. Or, feel free to select a meal from our prepared menus. Some of our offerings include hamburgers, chicken, salmon, or pork. We have vegan and vegetarian options too, so everyone will be able to enjoy a BBQ event.

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