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Corporate Catering

  The Perfect Option for Corporate Catering

Corporations both large and small regularly hold outings and events that may require corporate catering. This could be anything from a quarterly meeting, to an annual conference. Corporate catering can be causal, even a BBQ, with a simple lunch. This can give everyone the chance to sit down, and interact in a personal and causal way. Or, for a large annual conference, companies regularly have a formal dinner. This is a perfect way to thank the team for a job well done, and to recognize high performers throughout the year. Whatever your need, corporate catering can help facilitate a large scale meal. Our team at Select Taste Corporate Catering is able to create a custom menu for your company's outing. We are professional and pay attention to each and every detail. We strive for customer satisfaction, and regularly try to exceed all of our customers' expectations.


For business meetings it is often required to have a corporate lunch. Meetings tend to run through normal business hours, but taking a break half-way through the day is a great way to gain some valuable nutrition, and also take a mental break from a long meeting. A corporate lunch can be casual or formal, depending on the event. Further, corporate lunches can be served buffet style, or we can include the meal as a working lunch. At Select Taste Corporate Catering, we understand that feeding a diverse group of people can be a challenge, especially with different tastes, allergies, and sensitivities. Our team is able to work with any dietary need or allergy restriction. Simply tell us about your corporate group, and their needs, and we are happy to put together a menu that will work.

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